Bathe Like A Brit

by The Zoe Report

With its rolling hills, majestic gardens and regal heritage, the lure of the English countryside is impossible to deny. But if hopping across the pond isn’t in the cards for you, we’ve found an exquisitely addictive substitute: Bath Oil by Mitchell and Peach.

Made from a calming mix of essential oils and homegrown lavender—harvested on a centuries-old farm in Kent, England—this lavish soak leaves skin soft to the touch and smelling divine. Hand-blended and filled with only the finest all natural ingredients, if you’ve been dreaming to drench yourself in luxury, simply add a cap-full to your next bath or a few dabs to each wrist!

Availability: Mitchell and Peach Bath Oil ($68). For additional information, visit Mitchellandpeach.com. P.S. Show your lids some love with a chic treat from our All About Eyes guide!