How To Get The Perfect Messy Topknot


It seems counter-intuitive, but it is far more challenging to make a topknot look chic and messy than it is to make it look perfect. This je ne sais quoi cool girl updo was prominent at Diane von Furstenberg’s fall 2014 runway and we immediately wanted the look. The key is to make sure the knot has an ever-so-slightly undone look as we are not going for the super sleek, hairsprayed 1950s vibe. To make the topknot modern and cool, you have to rough it up a bit and allow flyaways, bumps and full-on sections of hair to be free and natural. Obviously, you’ll spend lots of time redoing the perfect messed up bun, but no one said effortless glamour was gonna be easy. Keep trying until you get it right, you’ll know you nailed it when you feel a super-model-off-duty vibe wash over you.

How To Get The Perfect Messy Topknot

Step 1: Apply Volumizing Mousse

Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse, $26

Apply mousse to damp hair to add volume to the roots and texture for easy styling.

Step 2: Blow Dry

T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer, $200

Try blow drying your hair up-side-down keeping the heat and wind aimed at the middle as you dry all the way around. This will reduce flyaways and add volume to the smooth section.

Step 3: Comb Hair Back

Mason Pearson Rake Comb, $35

Use a wide tooth comb to gently brush all your hair to a high ponytail. You want your hair smooth and relaxed so don't pull too tight.

Step 4: Make Loose Ponytail

Gimme Basics Thin Hair Elastics, $4

Try to find a soft holding elastic hair tie that does not grip too tight. It will be more comfortable and give needed flexibility to the top knot.

Step 5: Secure With Hair Pins

Conair Bobby Pins, $2 for pack of 60

Wrap your hair around the hair tie, as though making a bun - but before you start pinning, pull sections of hair across from front to back to eliminate the typical bun style.

Step 6: Finish With Shine Spray

Frekkai Glossing Sheer Shine Mist, $26

Since this is a loose look, don't try to hairspray the sides and back into place. Instead, use shine spray to add gloss and allow for movement.