May Horoscope: The Beauty Products You Need This Month

by Stephanie Montes

Maybe you never considered that your astrology sign could help determine what beauty products you need in your life. Think again. Here, your May horoscope and the beauty products you should get your hands on this month. With any luck, it’s in the stars that you’ll look your most gorgeous this spring.


Happy birthday, beautiful. This is your month! On the 3rd, you will experience the beginning of a committed relationship. Whether it is romantic or professional, make sure to do it with a bold lipstick in hand. There’s no better way to get noticed.


Going into May, your primary focus is on an interior design project. Whether you are planning a big move or are redecorating your current place, do it in style. Make sure you look good during the process too: Throw your hair into a chic headscarf and brighten up your complexion with a light BB cream.


In the mood for love? Your soul mate could come into the picture on the week of the 11th or an existing relationship experiences a spark in romance. Bat your lashes and get him to notice you—a good mascara does the trick.


You may not know it but higher-ups around the office are noticing your good work. A new job offer or promotion is coming next week, and you deserve it. Wear a chic, low ponytail–it shows your professional side and your pretty face.


On the 18th, Mercury goes into retrograde until June 11, which creates extra challenges when it comes to communication. Be careful what you say, and as far as your beauty routine, take a bold-colored eyeliner for a spin. This way, people are more focused on your beautiful eyes rather than taking your statements the wrong way.


Things are getting good in your professional world. A new job offer, promotion or special recognition should come your way on the 15th. If you are planning to move into a new position, the week of the 18th is a good time to take a vacation and unwind before starting your new job. Spend the time relaxing on a beach with a good sunscreen in hand.


The 22nd will be the hardest day of the month for you (both in love and at work). Don’t let it get you down–things will look up in a day or two. In the meantime, try some aromatherapy to clear your mind.


You are focused on updating your look this month. Any time after the 7th is a good time to make large purchases. Stock up on all the springtime essentials—especially the perfect shade of nail polish for your next mani-pedi session.


Work is booming right now. Whether you’re in the process of starting your own business or trying to move up at your current company, your days just seem to keep getting longer. A long-lasting primer ensures your makeup stays in place until the wee hours of the morning. Not to worry–the 16th brings good news and hopefully some much-needed rest.


An important social event or celebration (maybe a wedding) is coming up, possibly as soon as this weekend. The hours you spent planning kept you up all night but don’t panic­–a nude liner on your waterline instantly makes you look wide awake.


Friday, May 22 will be a difficult day in the office but things calm down over the weekend. Treat yourself to a Saturday morning spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. A face mask is perfect for detoxing clogged pores and bad energy.


A vacation is on the horizon–maybe around the week of the 18th. If it’s a work trip, you might not have much time to lay out in the sun. Still want a summer glow? A swipe of bronzer on your cheeks, forehead, chin and the bridge of your nose makes you look tan without the UV damage.