Mascara Wands That Changed Our Beauty Game

by Stephanie Montes

When you’re trolling the beauty department for the latest and greatest mascara, are you taking wand types into consideration? We guarantee that if you did, you would have amazing lashes to show for it. Although the formula and certainly the color are super important, the brush is really what gives you the results you crave. From double-sided brushes to teeny-tiny bristles, these innovative mascara wands always get the job done.

Bat Those Lashes

Photo: Getty Images

On The Ball

Get in between lashes beginning at the root and create the illusion that you were born with naturally thick flutter.

Dual Personality

Use the bristles to darken, thicken and lengthen lashes before combing out clumps with the opposite side.

Bottoms Up

Designed for the bottom lashes, this brush coats even the tiniest hairs without making them look too thick.

Twist And Shout

Comb through lashes in a twisting motion to curl, thicken and separate all at once.

Comb Master

Use the tiny spiked bristles to comb through lashes for a clump-free look every time (no matter how many coats you apply).