Backstage at Fashion Week’s Biggest Show

Models wearing dramatic makeup for Marc Jacob's Fashion Week show

We can always count on Marc Jacobs to close fashion week with a bang. This year, he took over New York’s famed Zeigfeld Theater to show his stunning 40s-inspired collection. To complement the clothes, the beauty team dreamed up the perfect look to match Marc’s vision. “With Marc, we always try to create more character,” explained makeup artist and founder of NARS François Nars. “He always wants a more downtown-girl type of feel: cool and chic but with an edge.” Here, see what happened when we went backstage to get all the details.

The dramatic makeup is an immediate standout. "Here, she's a party girl who hasn't been home in a couple of days so she keeps applying mascara," said Nars. And that's exactly what he did, piling on layer upon layer (up to seven in total!) and swiping blue eye paint on the eyelids to make it look like she did her makeup herself. There was no foundation or concealer to be seen and dark circles were drawn under the girls' eyes to make them look like they hadn't slept. To top it all off, vaseline was added to achieve a totally "unfresh", sweaty look.

The hair was done with one hand to create a disheveled style that was held up with bedazzled hair clips. "The hair is a take on the '40s but is an updated version with a 'punky' feeling," said Redken's Creative Director, Guido. "It's raw and young and looks like the girl did it herself. It's super feminine but in a very downtown kind of way."

Every beauty element lent itself to the overall look and nails was no exception. Nail artist Jin Soon Choi went for full art deco glitz with silver glitter polish on the hands and red on the feet.