Team Zoe’s Vacation Mani-Pedi Combos

by The Zoe Report

Planning a fabulous getaway this summer? We at Team Zoe have a few plans of our own–but before we pack our travel wardrobe and prepare for takeoff, we’re putting some serious thought into our mani-pedi game. Here, find out where we’re traveling and what Summer 2015 Zoya nail polish shades are coming with us!

How Team Zoe Nails It


"I tend to pack neutral clothing when I travel (no one wants to waste valuable vacation time putting together an outfit), which means I get to go bold with my nail color. This summer I'll rock a punchy red and purple combo when I head to Spain. All the better for pairing with the colorful jewelry and accessories I plan on finding along the way." -Nicky Deam, Fashion Director


"I love pearly white for a mani and deep fuchsia for a pedi—this combo works perfectly with the bright, printed bikinis I practically live in on the island." -Shannon Nash, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Costa Rica

“My mani-pedi color palette is inspired by Costa Rica's lush rain forests and crystal-clear beaches. You can’t go wrong with a teal manicure accenting a green pedi." -Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor


"I've been dying to spend a summer weekend in Miami, and I think this is the year I will finally end up doing it! That said, I'll step out of my comfort zone with a summery mani-pedi combo made up of metallic blue on my fingers and shiny hot pink on my toes." -Jennifer Ash, Accessories Editor

Palm Springs

“Vacation is the perfect time to play with fun color combos—you can be a little more adventurous when away from your everyday life. I’ll be rocking the blue for a manicure and purple for a pedicure while lounging poolside in the desert." -Kristi Mikesky, Fashion and Beauty Editor