11 Beauty Trends That Should Stay In 2016

Each year a slew of fresh beauty looks take over social media and the red carpet, serving up major hair and makeup inspiration. But there are always a few trends that leave us feeling … confused. As 2016 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on some of those we’d rather not see carry over to a new season. Wild hair colors, extremely chiseled cheekbones and wacky nail designs, take a step back. Here’s what we hope stays behind to make room for more wearable trends in 2017.


Made Up Hair-Color Trends

We've lost count how many kooky color trends broke the Internet this year. There was Lisa Frank Hair, Chocolate Mauve Hair, Pumpkin Spice Hair, Unicorn Hair and more. Let's stick to moderation in the coming year.


Extreme Contouring

It's nothing new, but thanks to social media it became one of the year's most talked about trends. Everyone loves a chiseled bone structure, but painting your face like a clown to get started is just too much work.


Furry Nails

Unless it was part of a Halloween costume or a fashion exhibition, this trend was questionable from the get-go. It can also look a little scary.


Overdrawn Lips

Fillers had a moment in 2016, but so did overdrawn lips for those who avoid needles. In many cases, liner was too noticeable and turned messy.


Ultra-Filled Eyebrows

It's totally understandable to fill in sparse areas of your brows. However, some products took it way too far.


Lip Tattoos

While the designs can actually be a fun addition to your makeup, having anyone pay this much attention to your lips can get awkward.


100 Layer Challenges

Viral video challenges aren't going away anytime soon, but using 100 layers of product should. Everything from foundation to nail polish to highlighter was filmed for the world to see. This face mask challenge was terrifying to watch.


Waist Training

Celebrity endorsements are easy to blame for the increase in waist trainer sales. But this option is controversial and can even be painful.


Exponentially Long Falsies

False eyelashes and extensions do what mascara can't. Most of us want a lengthier fringe. However, extra lashes can be uncomfortable.


Maximal Highlighting

There's a huge difference between glowy and sparkly. Highlighting is great, but if not applied in moderation, it can take away from the rest of your makeup.


Succulent Nails

There was a point in the year where nail-art lovers decided to add succulents to their nail beds. A nice design never hurt anyone, but this one is a little too realistic.