We Don’t Understand Instagram’s Latest Makeup Trend

by Stephanie Montes

Maybe we’re just old school, but most of the beauty trends we see trending on Instagram are, in a word, baffling. Don’t get us wrong—we love a good contour, and every once in a while a weird makeup trick will come along and prove to be kind of genius. But for the most part, we simply don’t understand what the big whoop is about these beauty crazes (we’re looking right at you, clown contouring). The latest one to hit our social feed is #HandMakeup. No, it’s not about smoothing imperfections or color correcting; it’s all about drawing eyes on the back of your hand. Yes, we’re serious, and no, we haven’t tried it. While we can appreciate the incredible patience it must take to illustrate such realistic irises and, okay, they do look beautiful, we just don’t get it.

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