This Is Major News For Sephora Loyalty Card Holders

Every beauty junkie knows just how amazing Sephora’s loyalty program is. From free products and services to exclusive getaways, the retailer’s rewards consistently prove every dollar spent is put to good use. But unfortunately for us, that’s all about to change. A newly revised clause on the Sephora website explains that its points are now subject to expiration, which means any Beauty Insider whose account remains unused for 18 months will see her points vanish for good. However, there’s a silver lining: Shoppers only have to redeem a reward, claim their free birthday gift or make a purchase with their account to remain active. And while it’s still free to be a Beauty Insider, VIB members are required to spend at least $350 each year and VIB Rouge members $1,000 or more to maintain their status. Sounds like a pretty good excuse to hit up our closest Sephora, stat.