Rachel Zoe’s Travel Beauty Essentials

When you board an international flight, one thing is for sure: A stash of beauty products is 100% essential in the battle against dehydration. When Rachel Zoe jetted to Australia last week (each leg was over 14 hours!), we took this opportunity to raid her carry-on and find out exactly what she packs for a long trip. One theme we noticed immediately was almost every product included natural ingredients known for restoring thirsty skin. Her lip balm is infused with eucalyptus oil to avoid flaking, her face serum is packed with lavender and primrose oils that regulate skin irritation, and even her travel-size perfume is all-natural and made with mandarin, quince and orange essential oils—the mere thought of this scent transports us directly to a relaxing spa! According to RZ, the secret is to stay hydrated and right before landing, give your look a lift with berry lipstick and a swipe of bronze eyeliner. Although jet lag is unavoidable, if you get a jump-start while you’re in the air, you’ll arrive looking fresh. Add a pair of oversize sunnies for arrival and you’re good to go!

RZ's In-Flight Essentials