These Are The Most Popular Lipstick Shades Across The US


Is there such a thing as too many lipsticks? We don't think so. While collecting various shades is definitely our style, we typically gravitate toward the same one or two on the daily. Walmart recently unveiled a report of the most popular shades across the US, and we're pretty surprised by it. Although makeup lovers nowadays experiment more and more with color, the five trending shades definitely lean toward the classic—the US loves coral, red, rose, pink and mauve.

Courtesy of Walmart

The Breakdown

Pink ranks highest overall with 41% of sales, followed by rose and mauve. Coral takes the number-one spot in Hawaii, while Washington, DC, can't get enough of red. Are you stocked up on them all? Tell us what you've got in the comments below.

Overall Winner: Pink

Runner Up: Rose

Second Runner Up: Mauve

Hawaii's Favorite: Coral

Washington D.C.'s Favorite: Red