A Mean Girls-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette Could Be Coming Your Way

If you’re a total beauty junkie, you’re aware of a new trend that has both makeup mavens and movie buffs jumping for joy: Film-inspired beauty products. Last week, a rough prototype sketch of a Harry-Potter inspired eye shadow palette nearly broke the internet. Then, the same company (brilliantly named Storybook Cosmetics) teased magic wand-shaped brushes.

Today, the up-and-coming indie beauty brand posted a teaser on their Instagram of a Mean Girls-inspired eye shadow palette they hope to release soon. They made it clear that the launch is contingent on licensing, but if it happens, expect to be wear shadow shades named So Fetch, Glen Coco and Wednesday in the near future. Packaged to resemble the movie’s burn book and boasting eight different shadow colors, we’re keeping out fingers crossed that this one makes it into our makeup bags before next October 3rd.

Photo: @storybookcosmetics