Makeup Tips For Looking Great When Wearing Glasses

by Stephanie Montes

Has your gorgeous beauty look gone unnoticed because you have to wear prescription lenses every day? After seeing Gucci’s Spring 2016 collection on the runway, rest assured it’s possible to make your features pop from behind a pair of glasses. Give your look a little more oomph by following our tips for showstopping eyes and glowing skin. Whether you require a prescription or just love the look of thick frames, these tricks are not just for girls who need glasses—they’re fabulous for any girl who wants to make a spectacle.

Courtesy of Gucci

Make A Spectacle

Outline Your Eyes

Thicker frames make eyes look smaller than they are. Apply thick liner to complement your frames and draw attention to your eyes. For added drama, use your liner all around the eye. Thin frames can actually magnify your eyes in an unflattering way. Mimic your thin frames with an equally thin liner and limit yourself to only the top lash lines. Opt for a navy or burgundy liner to make eyes really stand out.

Courtesy of Gucci

Liven Up Your Lashes

Reach for a waterproof formula to avoid smudging onto the glass or falling flakes. Apply one coat from the base to the ends for extra length but focus on the roots on your second (or third) coat. This gives you thick lashes that shine through your frames, without the length that causes your lashes to bump into your lenses—because that's so annoying!

Fill In Your Brows

Don't let your brows get lost behind your frames. Use an eyebrow pencil to darken, thicken and heighten your arch, if needed. If glasses are an everyday accessory for you, try plucking your eyebrows with them on for the perfect result.

Courtesy of Gucci

Brighten Up Your Eyes

Glasses can sometimes create a shadow that makes you look like you have bags when you don't! Apply a creamy concealer under the eyes to brighten and prevent them from looking sunken in. Look for a concealer in one shade lighter than your foundation for extra brightening power.

Highlight Your Lips

Your lips are really the only feature on your face not affected by your specs. A bold lipstick color instantly gives your pout the attention it deserves.

Courtesy of Gucci

Pull Your Hair Out Of Your Face

Once your makeup is squared away, pull your hair out of your face. Showing off your pretty features is difficult when it's hiding behind glasses and a wild 'do.