The Spring Color We’ll Be Wearing All Over Our Faces

If there’s one thing you’ll be seeing a lot of this spring, it’s lilac—it’s one of those shades we usually just dust across our eyelids, but it can be so much more. For instance, with the iridescent trend taking off, many highlighters are now lavender-infused. We’re also seeing muted purple in a variety of lip colors. Here, we break down how to wear the hue all over your face and look chic doing it.



if you don't feel like a full shadow look, just highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a hint of lilac.

Rihanna/Photo: Getty Images


Swipe some purple-hued gloss over your lipstick to brighten it up and make your lips look fuller.


Eye Shadow

Go bold with a full lilac eye-shadow look. Don't forget to blend some into your lower lash line for drama.



If you'd rather stick to liner, that's an option as well. Pack it on your waterline and beneath the lower lash line for the full effect.