You Probably Never Knew You Could Use Your Eyebrow Pencil This Way

Sparse eyebrows are no longer the bane of our existence thanks to the wide variety of brow-filling products now on the market. And as beauty aficionados, we’re well aware that brow pencils are among the hero items in our vanities that have multiple uses. Singer Lana Del Rey put this theory to the test in a recent video she posted to Instagram.

In her mini-tutorial, she impressively uses her pencil in three different ways, on three different parts of her face. First, she fills in spaces in her arches that need some color using a thin, rounded pencil and a spooley brush. Then she moves on, adding faux freckles to her cheeks and chin—a great way to cover blemishes or scarring. Lastly, she uses her pencil as eyeliner beneath her waterline, imparting a subtle brown tint.

This method is a perfect time-saving trick for busy girls who can’t catch a break. Multiple uses from a single product—the key to an easy-breezy makeup routine.

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