How To Make Lipstick Stay Put (File Under: Valentine’s Day!)

Whether you’re all gussied up for a wedding or date-night, if you’re going to take time to apply a bold lip, you want it to stay on all night. Who wants to be running to the powder room to reapply every hour? To help, we enlisted celebrity makeup artist Sarah Uslan to share her secrets for making pigment stick. Here, a step-by-step guide for the next time your schedule calls for long-lasting glamour (file under: Valentine’s Day!).


Expert Tips For Making Lipstick Last

"Use a gentle scrub to buff away dead skin."

"Dab on a moisturizer and blot. Don't use a lip balm—it creates too much slip."

"Choose a liner that matches your natural lip or your lipstick. Fill in the entire surface—the powdery texture will retain pigment."

"Apply your lipstick, then immediately blot excess to set."

"Dot translucent powder on the skin around your lips to prevent color bleeding."

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