4 Simple Ways To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

We’re not ashamed to admit that a few of us here at TZR are fans of occasional lip injections. But we’re also aware that the method isn’t for everyone. If you’re in the latter camp, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo a plumper pout. There are several gentler ways to go about it, and we’re giving you the breakdown on each. From routines to products, here are the most popular noninvasive options to try. Take a look and let us know which ones you’ll be testing out.

Taylor Hill. Photo: Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com.

Full Lips Ahead

Lip contouring isn't new to beauty buffs. Makeup can take your lips to the next level by making them seem fuller. Using a lip liner shade that's deeper than your lipstick is the way to go. Simply overdraw your lips then contour by shading in the outer corners and the center of both your top and bottom lip. You can watch our tutorial here.

Exfoliating doesn't just eliminate dead skin cells from the surface, it also helps the skin appear more plump—this includes your lips. There are plenty of exfoliating methods to choose from. You can use a lip scrub, a warm cloth, a toothbrush or even a micro-needling tool to provide light exfoliation that's gentle enough for your pout. You'll notice results immediately.

Because of our culture's obsession with bigger lips, brands have made it their mission to produce a plethora of lip-plumping products for us to play with. You have everything from glosses to serums to balms to help naturally boost the size of your own lips. This is probably the easiest method of them all, because you can apply them as part of your daily makeup or skincare routine.

This one may sound a bit out of the ordinary, but hear us out. Massaging essential oils, such as peppermint oil, into the lips can really help give them a boost. Increasing your blood circulation will help make lips visibly fuller.