This Makeup Artist’s Trick For Glowing Skin Is Genius

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The (Real) Glow-Getter

Great makeup starts with great skin, and when our own complexion isn't looking so bright, we typically reach for a good old highlighter. Makeup artists have a few pro tricks to applying the illuminating product and amplifying its effect. The key to wearing highlighter is not to overdo it, especially if it's a powder formula. The last thing you want is a streaky, cakey finish of shimmer across your cheeks. We learned one of our favorite unexpected highlighter hacks from Kim Kardashian West's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. A few months back during one of his popular master-class sessions, Mario revealed that he actually uses only minimal highlighter on his famous clientele.

Instead he relies on what he calls a "sweat-effect" product popular with on-screen actors. Yes, you read that correctly. Stage makeup brand Kryolan makes a transparent jelly that imparts the effect of sweat, and Mario swears by it. After applying a small amount of powder highlighter, dab on a bit of the jelly and blend it out with a Beautyblender. You'll get an effortless radiance that doesn't actually resemble sweat at all. It's also not expensive—a bottle will set you back only $11. So there you have it, get that Kardashian glow yourself, stat.