Gigi Hadid Just Announced Some Major News

Gigi Hadid walking out of a building with her hair down and in a pink leather jacket

Guys, it’s happening. One of the biggest supermodels of our time is finally teaming up with one of our fave affordable drugstore brands, Maybelline, for a collab that’s been a year in the making–as Gigi herself points out in the Insta post she just teased of the new collection. The pic she shared (which you can check out below) shows her wearing a chic multi-colored shearling jacket and blowing kisses in front of a mirror with samples of lipsticks, palettes, brushes and more. Visit the Maybelline website, and you’ll see the official countdown is ON. It states the line is set to launch in less than two weeks, on October 22. We don’t know all the details just yet, but stay tuned to find out just what Gigi has in store for us. We’re ready for it.