The French Girl Trick For Getting The Perfect Cat Eye

We have to admit, we’re guilty of obsessing over French girls just as much as you are. Apart from their ever-present cool-girl vibes, they know their stuff when it comes to beauty. Whether it be haircare, skincare or makeup, when they share their tips, we’re listening. Makeup artist Violette is one of the biggest names in the beauty business, and we love watching her video tutorials and seeing her work with celebrities. Think of her as the French Pat McGrath—she’s a huge deal.

Violette recently shared her trick for achieving perfectly winged eyeliner, which also happens to be a hack for looking more awake. Let’s face it, a busy girl’s tired eyes are hard to hide, and we’ll take all the help we can get. Violette outlines her desired wing shape, then carefully glides liquid eyeliner right across the edge of her lid. The surprising part is what comes next: We’ve always thought a wing needs to be completely clean in order to look good. Violette proceeds to use her fingertips to smudge her liner, giving it a smoky effect. She then fills in gaps with more liner and draws it between her lashes for a bold touch. The result is lively eyes with a gorgeous set of wings to match. Watch her work her magic, below.