Editors’ Picks For Best Beauty Products: August 2017

Matteo Valle

Here at RZHQ, we love trying new beauty products—and it’s not lost on us that we’re lucky to have access to the latest and greatest from tried-and-true brands, as well as from emerging lines. But what good would it be if we kept our of-the-moment faves to ourselves? Each month, we share our current obsessions in hopes that you’ll love them just as much as we do. Ahead, our top picks for August.


Our Picks For The Best In Beauty This Month

"My skin always feels incredibly smooth and supple after using this, and I have to admit, I love the foaming sensation. It feels like something is really happening!"

—Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

"My lips are always dry, no matter the season, but this scrub helps keep them soft and flake-free. Since my goal in life is to be a French girl, it helps with that, too."

—Lauren Black, Content Analyst

"I swear by my NuFace facial trainer, and this eye-specific attachment is a great new weapon in my ongoing fight against crow's-feet."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I'm really bad about remembering to use a heat protectant, but this brand new cream is perfect for my unruly, thick and wavy hair. It melts into my strands making them feel super silky after styling rather than straw-like."

—Laura Lajiness, Fashion Editor

"I know I'm really late to the coconut oil party, but I recently became obsessed with this multi-tasking moisturizer. It smells like vacation and dries super fast without the leftover oily feel. And, fun fact, it's great for sunburns!"

—Leah Benzie, Social Media Editor

"To say I'm lusting after this palette would be an understatement."

—Kristin Mahler, Graphic Designer

"I recently went much blonder, and this mask has been a lifesaver. It makes my fine hair super shiny and soft, and unlike most masks I've used, it doesn't weigh down my fine hair."

—Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"Whenever I see breakouts I like to slather this on before bed. Use it diligently for a few nights and your pesky pimples will go away. Plus, it never dries out my skin."

—Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

"Best underarm wipes on the planet—they smell nice, keep me fresh for hours and the best part is they are organic."

—Christian David, Art Director

"I've always been overly cautious with my super-sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, but our beauty editors convinced me to try this gentle exfoliating device and now I'm hooked. My complexion is so much smoother and brighter."

—Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Manager

"This lightweight serum from celebrity-beloved DMH Aesthetics has the perfect mix of natural and targeted ingredients to even, brighten and plump the skin."

—Erin Nicole, Senior Lifestyle Editor

"Less truly is more when it comes to skincare. Although I still felt hungover, I certainly didn't look it thanks to this mask, which instantly brightens the face."

—Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"I've always had low iron levels, and one of the fun side effects is brittle, weak nails. I love that this formula gives me a much-needed boost of strength and nourishment so I can wear my fave summer nail shades with confidence."

—Angela Melero, Managing Editor

"I swear anything makes me bloat. To ease my discomfort, I've been drinking this blend of turmeric and probiotics, and I've noticed it's made my skin look more radiant."

—Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"Because my skin can get temperamental when I'm traveling, I make sure to pack a mask or two. While sheet masks are simple to take on the road, mud wasn't so easy until I grabbed this one from Sephora. It's compact and has a resealable cap so you don't waste any product.”

—Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director