The Cult Beauty Products You Should Own In Your 30s

by Stephanie Montes

If your 20s are all about beauty experimentation, then your 30s are more about streamlining. While the trial-and-error process can be fun, this magical time is all about building an arsenal of products that maintain a grown-up version of your youthful appearance while also reflecting your refined personality. Go ahead, load up on the makeup, skincare and hair staples every woman in her 30s should invest in.

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30 Is The New 20

Ask a 30-year-old what her favorite blush is, and she'll say "NARS Orgasm." We're sure of it.

The hype is real. This buildable mascara provides thicker, longer lashes with just a few swipes, and the extra-large brush is a fan favorite.

With a brightening formula housed in a luxe gold tube, just packing it in your purse is enough to make you feel more awake.

This is the Rolls-Royce of hairbrushes: The boar bristles on the paddle make your hair super shiny, and it looks extra chic on your vanity.

Who said sheet masks aren't for grown-ups? This luxe treatment will give you that 20-something glow well into your 40s.

By now, you should own a signature scent. This perfume will get you noticed and will be how people remember you.

Worth every penny, this lipstick is just as moisturizing as it is long-lasting.

Start making your hair a priority. This shampoo not only makes your hair shiny, it keeps it smelling amazing.

If to you there's nothing more classic and ladylike than a perfect red manicure, this is your polish.