How To Get A Bunch Of Free ColourPop Makeup Today


ColourPop has easily become one of the internet's favorite makeup brands. In fact, its popularity has earned it 5 million Instagram followers as of this week. To thanks its fans for their support over the years, ColourPop is offering a special promotion. What better way to show your gratitude than to give loyal customers free makeup? Yes, you read that right. In an Instagram post, ColourPop shared about a limited-time "grab bag" special to celebrate the brand's ongoing success. The details are as follows: "Fab Five Lippie Stix, Nine to Five Ultra Glossy, Take Five Ultra Matte, High Five Super Shock Highlighter, Party of Five Super Shock Shadow. Spend $10 + Get 1, Spend $25 + Get 2, Spend $40 + Get 3, Spend $55 + Get 4 , Spend $70 + Get all 5. **limit one per order, can not be purchased, limited time only." We're not exactly sure how limited that time is, but judging by the success of everything else ColourPop does, we're sure this will go fast as well. The brand already sells super-affordable makeup, so even though you do have to spend some cash to nab this deal, it's still a bargain. Take a look at the exact products you can snag for free below.


Fab Five Lippie Stix

Nine to Five Ultra Glossy

Take Five Ultra Matte

High Five Super Shock Highlighter

Party of Five Super Shock Shadow