Why These Clear Lipsticks Are Even Prettier On Than In The Tube

by Stephanie Montes

Who really wants to wear a thick layer of lipstick on days when the temperature hits triple digits? While our matte shade remains a favorite evening staple, it just doesn’t feel right at the beach or sipping drinks poolside. All we want is a juicy wash of color to make our pout look hydrated, youthful and impossibly fresh. Enter the prettiest lip product you’ve ever seen in your life. These clear lipsticks—boasting stunning flowers set into the bullet—are as pretty in the tube as they are on your lips. Depending on your body temperature, the color changes from a pale pink to a darker rose—either way, a perfect summer-weight hue.

Naturally, the China-based beauty site has completely sold out, so we’ve found four similar items you can buy stateside. While they don’t boast those adorable blossom details, their color payoff is just as irresistible. Have your heart set on the OG product? We’re sure the likes of Sephora and Urban Outfitters are working on it as we speak.

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