The 10 Best-Selling Mascaras At Ulta


The eyes really do have it, and when it comes to your makeup, your lashes can make or break your look. Here, we’ve got the 10 best-selling mascaras at Ulta, plus the outstanding qualities of each. Whether you need a little extra length or a thicker flutter, one of these gems is sure to get you there. They’re that beloved for a reason.

Courtesy of Maybelline

Longer, Thicker, Fuller

10. Best For Separating

9. Best For Lifting

8. Best For Fanned-Out Lashes

7. Best Waterproof

6. Darkest Pigment

5. Best For Strengthening

4. Best For Volumizing

3. Best For Curling

2. Best For Lengthening

1. Best For Thickening