The Best Trend-Forward Lipsticks For Your Skin Tone


Lip Service

With the winter blues in full swing, you’re likely thinking of ways to spice things up —and your beauty routine is the perfect place to start, lipstick in particular. Despite the cooler temps, warm and even fiery shades like sangria red bright fuchsia and rich browns are making waves right now. However, we all know that lipstick hues are not always one-size-fits-all, and it's important to go with selections that flatter our skin tones. Here, the best on-trend lipsticks to rock right now, based on your complexion.

For fairer-skinned girls, it's time to play around with brighter shades with blue undertones. A cherry red shade will make any look more bold and vibrant.

Taupe and brown pigments may not always be a go-to, but a toasted option can look gorgeous without washing you out.

Warm plum and subtle purple colors look great on olive skin tones. It's a great way to go for something a little darker without getting too dramatic.

Nudes are obviously the trickiest shade of all, but a sheer, glimmering shade can boost the color of a natural pout.

It's the perfect time of year to go as dark and bold as possible. Try a vampy shade to have your fiercest lip look yet.

A pop of pink shouldn't be secluded until spring and summertime. Make your lips stand out against the gorgeous deeper tones of your skin.

Whoever said deep skin tones shouldn't wear brown was absolutely wrong. A metallic brown will illuminate your pout, and is perfect for day or night.