10 Mesmerizing Halloween Makeup Transformations You Need To Watch

If you haven’t begun planning your Halloween costume, it’s time to get to it. With the holiday looming, most of us have decided (or have an idea of) what we’d like to dress up as this year. For the procrastinators, Instagram beauty gurus are the perfect resource for Halloween inspiration. We’ve selected some of our favorite makeup transformations that’ll come in handy on October 31st. Even if you’re not looking for a costume, these are still mesmerizing to watch (and you can pick up some makeup tricks along the way).



For those who are fans of the Batman franchise, chances are you've debated being the Joker at least once in your life. Makeup artist Rosalina Young puts a fun twist on the villain's original look with her face-painting skills.

Watch the tutorial here


Melting Skull

The melted makeup trend has been sweeping across Instagram as of late. YouTube sensation Deski Perkins decided to incorporate the trend into a skull for an even scarier twist.

Watch the tutorial here



Mermaids have always been an inspiration when it comes to makeup looks and hair colors. The fictional creatures are also one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Makeup artist Monica Rose can teach you how to sparkle with your own scales.

Watch the tutorial here


Harley Quinn

Another costume that's sure to be ubiquitous this year is Harley Quinn. Since Margot Robbie channeled the comic star in Suicide Squad, girls everywhere are bringing out their pigtails and baseball bats for Halloween. Corie Willet paints her whole body as Harley for an even more intriguing effect.

Watch the tutorial here


Circus Clown

Although clowns have decided to haunt citizens across US cities recently, there are still a select few that aren't so terrifying. This spin on a circus clown is actually very cute.

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This costume choice didn't go out of style after Angelina Jolie channeled the villain. Everyone's favorite bad girl, Maleficent, is still a popular dress-up option and will keep all eyes on you.

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Hot Pink Skull

Makeup artist Chrisspy is known for her special effects makeup looks. She's done everything from Star Wars' Yoda to Dory from Finding Dory, and even she couldn't resist the skull trend this year. She topped off her look with a hot pink wig, because why not?

Watch the tutorial here



It may feel as though everyone dresses up as a cat for Halloween, but you can stick out from the crowd by opting to be a panther instead. Makeup artist Arshia made hers look more captivating with neon green contact lenses.


Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe

Kandee Johnson is one of the original beauty vloggers and has treated us to amazing looks throughout the years. She completed a makeup challenge with fellow vloggers The Merrell Twins, and turned back time with their Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe costumes.

Watch the full tutorial here



If you've ever needed an excuse to tease your hair, dressing up as a ferocious feline for Halloween is a great one. Karolina Maria transformed herself into a ferocious yet cute depiction of a lion.

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