7 Eyeliners That Make Drawing A Cat Eye Easy

Creating the perfect cat eye is an art form. It remains among the most popular makeup looks, yet it’s always one of the hardest to replicate. It takes practice, a steady hand, clever hacks and perhaps replaying numerous YouTube tutorials, but the classic cat-eye-flick is timeless, and also a foolproof way to add dimension to your face. The key to achieving flawless application is all in the tools you use, and as with most beauty products, not all are created equal. We suggest choosing liquid liners with flexible brushes and the finest point so you can seamlessly glide the ink onto the lash line and draw a precise wing at the end. Ahead, seven options that’ll help you get the job done fast, without any makeup remover needed!


The Feline Flick

With its super-thin nib, this liner allows you to get extremely close to the lash line for subtle definition.

Similar to a paint brush, this eyeliner's flexibility and smooth application can produce lines ranging from thick to very fine.

The pivoting, bendable wand makes for an effortless application, so you can precisely shape the cat eye without any mess and get a clean, matte result.

The tapered point sweeps on a long-lasting formula, so you can fluidly draw from the inside corner of your eye to the flick at the outside in one easy stroke.

If you prefer a thicker, dramatic wing, try this calligraphy pen-styled liner for a glossy and dark, bold look.

Stow this travel-friendly option in your purse so you can quickly create a precise cat eye for cocktail hour just as the clock strikes 5.

One of our editors swears by this Japanese liner. It creates the perfect flick that will never budge with one small swipe.