Our Editors’ Favorite Beauty Buys Under $10

When you find a beauty product that’s super affordable and simply amazing, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. As editors here we’ve tried a bevy of items from both drugstore and luxury brands, but there are a few standouts that are so cheap and so good we just can’t get enough of them. Ahead, our team shares their best makeup, skincare and hair discoveries each under $10 so you can get the most for your dollar.

Editors' Picks: Super Affordable Beauty

“My absolute favorite mascara is Maybelline Full 'N Soft—I’ve been using it religiously for years. It gives you dark, fluttery lashes without clumps, which are one of my biggest beauty pet peeves. The fact it only costs $7 a tube is the cherry on top.”

—Kristi Mikesky, Features Editor

"I haven't gotten an updo since prom, but there have been many times I probably should have. Instead I use these handy spiral pins to craft a professional-looking bun with minimal effort. They stay in place for hours without damaging your hair and leave your locks kink-free when you remove them."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I've loved this foundation since I first tried it back when I was in college. It was affordable (which was so important in my starving student days) and gave me the same coverage as the expensive makeup I couldn't afford then. It's buildable and dewy so it leaves your skin looking flawless for only $7. Score!"

—Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

"This witch hazel toner totally transformed my skin. I used to be incredibly acne-prone, and I haven't had a breakout since I started using it twice daily."

—Erin Nicole, Lifestyle Editor

"It gives you insane volume, better than many pricier mascaras I’ve used (and I’ve pretty much tried them all). The best part is that it's only $5. I want to buy a case of it."

—Samantha Corbett, Graphic Designer

"I love this scrub because I do have problem skin and it's medicated with maximum-strength Salicylic Acid. The gentle microbeads exfoliate, but never dry my skin out and the grapefruit is so refreshing."

—Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"For my breakout-prone skin, I love this L’Oreal clay mask. It feels amazing and it really works. I use it several times a week!"

—Laura Lajiness, New York Editor

"Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a miracle product. I use it on chapped lips, dry patches of skin and even small cuts or burns. It’s also the perfect base coat for matte lipstick."

—Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"It's simply the best finishing powder out there and nothing—not even the more expensive, luxury brands—can compare in leaving a long-lasting, matte finish that's not cakey. I love using this as my last step in my makeup routine to seal everything in and you just can't beat the price."

—Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor