5 Beauty Products You Need To Nail The Holiday Party Look

It’s easy to overthink your evening-out makeup strategy, especially around the holidays—with so many parties to attend, there’s a pressure to switch up your look for each forthcoming fete. But often times, it’s best to simplify your routine and stick with what you know looks good. Here to clear the clutter is the ever-gorgeous beauty blogger Marianna Hewitt, who’s shared the only 5 products you need to nail a gorgeous nighttime face.


Marianna Hewitt's Must-Have Holiday Makeup

"Matte red lips not only make a statement for a holiday party, but this lipstick honestly won't come off until you scrub it—meaning you can have as many drinks or stop under as the mistletoe as much as you want."

"Soft lashes elevate any look, and faux mink or mink lashes are the most natural-looking. Look for ones that aren't too dense, like Velour Lashes' Au Naturel pairs—anything too heavy can make your eyes look droopy or sleepy."

"Set your makeup! Just like you need hair spray to maintain a style, this setting spray does the same for your face. It also kind of melts your makeup together to create an allover dewy, seamless look."

"Late nights and early mornings can result in dark circles. To get rid of blue undertones, don't pile on tons of concealer—instead start with a color corrector. Orange cancels out blues, so apply a thin layer then follow with concealer on top."

"Give a cat eye extra oomph by drawing a line of glitter after you apply black liner. The added sparkle is so holiday-appropriate and great for New Year's parties too."