5 Unbelievably Long-Lasting Lip Colors

by Stephanie Montes

Don’t freak out the next time you forget your lipstick at home because these products don’t require your scheduled midday touch-up session. From lipsticks and stains to pigmented glosses, these long-lasting must-haves made our cut for the most kiss-proof, sip-proof and smear-proof. Smooch on.

Get color that won't fade or worse, rub off on your teeth.

Photo: Courtesy of Clover Canyon

Lip Lacquer

Available in every hue you can dream of (we're talking purples, teals, silvers and even yellows) this "tar" deserves a medal for the most highly-pigmented lip color of all time. It has the consistency of a gloss (not the sticky kind) but delivers the best opaque finish we've ever seen.

Lip Pencil

Bright or dark colors are almost always the shades that give you the most hours of wear because of the rich pigments. This crayon-like lip pencil applies a creamy, matte color that doesn't dry or fade.

Lip Gloss

The silicone in this gloss acts as a primer and a top coat to seal your color for hours and hours. Gone are the days of lip gloss disappearing after 1 sip of your morning coffee.

Lip Stain

This product takes the cake for the most multitalented lip stain ever. It goes on like a shiny gloss and stains your lips with color that won't fade. It just doesn't get any sweeter than that!


Lightweight lipsticks are the best for all-day wear because they sink into your lips—not your teeth—and don't get cakey. When applying, blot between layers to build up the pigment and staying power.