The Crucial Beauty Tip Leslie Mann Passed On To Her Daughters

Hint: It has nothing to do with makeup.

Courtesy of Jergens
Leslie Mann beauty tips Maude Apatow

For many, some of the first beauty tips learned came from the mothers in their lives. Watching these women carefully swipe mascara on their lashes, dust their cheeks with rouge, or meticulously line their lips can serve as crucial inspiration for one’s own beauty journey. That said, for actor Leslie Mann, her beauty tips for daughters Maude and Iris Apatow extend past the surface and dig a bit deeper.

Mann explains that she encourages her daughters (whom she shares with husband Judd Apatow) to meditate and care for the body from the inside out. “It calms you down and it helps you cope with the world and all the stressors,” says the Knocked Up star to TZR during a Zoom interview in promotion of Jergens’ “A Mom is a Mom” campaign. Also on the call was daughter Maude, 23, who doubles down on Mann’s “inside out” approach to beauty. “Like drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and taking vitamins or hair supplements — just keep everything looking good,” says the Euphoria actor. “I’ve always liked glowy skin, which I learned from [my mom], so I just like looking healthy and fresh.” Now, to be clear, Mann’s sage advice does include some practical tips many can agree on. “The big beauty tip is not to pluck your eyebrows,” says Mann. “Because they don’t grow back. That’s a big one.”

As it happens, an interest in beauty and products is something Mann and her older daughter equally share. In addition to being joint brand ambassadors for Jergens, the two are known to share (and sometimes steal) each other’s products.

“I love makeup and trying new products,” says Maude. “That’s my guilty pleasure. I buy a lot of it.” And apparently, in the Apatow/Mann household, the “what’s yours is mine” philosophy stands. “It used to be that Maude and Iris would come in and steal my beauty products, and now Maude is getting so much makeup sent to her because of her show,” says Mann with her signature giggle. “So I go in and raid her room.”

Thievery aside, the mother-daughter duo agree that there are a few beauty staples that they both keep in stock — and have been passed down from generation to generation. “[Jergens’ products] remind me of my grandma Sadie — she used to have the Cherry Almond lotion,” says Mann. “She always had it at her house, and my aunt did, too. I love the smell because it reminds me of them.” Maude seconds this notion, adding that she reaches for the iconic Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer when she’s feeling “extra-dry.”

In addition to some innocent stealing, the past year indoors presented an opportunity for the whole Apatow crew to bond in a variety of ways under one roof in their Brentwood, CA home. And while many 20-somethings (or any-somethings) may not be too thrilled with the prospect of quarantining with their mothers, most don’t have Mann as a matriarch. Between bingeing Netflix’s Bridgerton, experimenting with their new bread-maker, entertaining the four family cats, and taking regular dips in the pool, Mann says she was “lucky to have that time” with her daughters. “It was great but also hard, and you get sick of each other, but I didn’t really get sick of them.”

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