Kulfi Beauty’s First Concealer Was Formulated With The Help Of 300 Community Members

Founder Priyanka Ganjoo shares the process with TZR.

Kulfi Beauty
Kulfi Beauty concealer

Kulfi Beauty has officially welcomed its second product launch, Main Match Concealer. A participant in Sephora's 2021 Accelerate program, Kulfi, founded by former beauty executive Priyanka Ganjoo, is on a mission to celebrate South Asian skin tones, which have been largely neglected by the beauty industry. Kulfi Beauty’s Main Match Concealer not only offers a diverse shade range but is formulated with skin-loving, South Asian-inspired ingredients such as antioxidant-rich alma fruit extract, moisturizing saffron flower extract, hydrating rosehip extract, and soothing Licorice Root extract.

Kulfi first launched in 2021 with Kajal Liner, a richly pigmented collection of eyeliners inspired by South Asian culture. Now, Ganjoo has set out to remedy the challenge of finding a good concealer match for Brown skin tones. “When I was 22, my coworkers commented that I looked tired all the time because of dark circles under my eyes,” she tells TZR. “I went to a makeup counter for the first time and found it difficult to find a concealer shade that matches my skin. No one who looked like me was represented in the complexion aisle.”

To create the perfect collection of shades, Ganjoo surveyed the Kulfi community and found that the top concerns were dark circles and hyperpigmentation — and that the current offerings weren’t cutting it. “Concealers can look ashy or orange on us because they haven’t been tested extensively on our skin,” she says. “My personal challenge resonating with so many others inspired me to launch a concealer that is designed specifically for us.”

So, it was only right to being the process in her community. Over the course of three years, 300 members helped develop the formula and shade range with their common skin concerns in mind. Ganjoo also chose a medium-yet-buildable coverage level so it can be tailored to each wearer’s preferences. “Providing medium coverage that could be built up to full coverage while keeping the finish skin-like and lightweight was important as our need for coverage can significantly vary depending on our skin condition,” she explains. Along with the formula’s lineup of nourishing, South Asian-inspired ingredients, Ganjoo details that “this concealer allows that complete coverage and still looks skin-like while acting as a one-stop solution for our consumers.”

As of August 15, Kulfi Beauty’s Main Match Concealer (as well as Kajal Liner) is available on Sephora.com and KulfiBeauty.com. For Ganjoo and the rest of her community, this new concealer is about much more than a spot-on color match.

“While creating this new launch, I wanted to highlight self-love and our journey as people of color and immigrants,” she says. “That journey can be hard when trying to embrace our skin tones and image, especially in a society that doesn’t always accept that. We wanted to create a campaign and product that celebrates who we are. I felt really seen while formulating these concealers and in stories shared in our campaign and I hope the rest of our community does too.”

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