Khalyla Kuhn Wants To Solve Your Summer Hair Struggles

The podcaster has launched Ebb Ocean Club, a collection of reef-safe products.

Ebb Ocean Club
Khalyla Kuhn ebb ocean club
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The calm, laidback aura of those who live by the beach isn’t a stereotype. Studies have shown that a dip in the ocean or even sitting on the shore and listening to the ebb and flow of the water can significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels. TigerBelly and Trash Tuesday podcaster Khalyla Kuhn experienced the healing effects of the ocean firsthand when going through a breakup with her current co-host and former boyfriend, Bobby Lee. Living between Hawaii and LA, freediving in the Pacific Ocean became her refuge. But having grown up doing competitive swimming in the Philippines, Kuhn’s connection is life-long. It runs so deep that she’s launched Ebb Ocean Club, a collection of reef-safe hair care products designed to minimize the harsh effects salt water can have on your strands.

“At the time [of my breakup] I didn’t know how to run away from the noise or drown it out, so I turned to the water,” Kuhn tells TZR. “I’ve always had a relationship with water, so I thought, why don’t I submerge myself and my ears for five-six hours a day? And that’s exactly what I did almost every day. Freediving became a very meditating and healing place for me, but I would get out of the water and my hair would be a tangled mess. Nothing on the shelves were matching my needs or performing in the way I needed it to, but more importantly I wanted what I was using in my hair to be reef-safe.”

The name Ebb is a direct reference to the ocean. “The meaning of the brand name is very special to me because Ebb is the ocean tide receding and sort of returning back to itself, she shares. “I would say I experienced a similar moment in my life two years ago when I was going through my breakup and listeners were voicing their opinion on it online.”

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The brand’s four-product lineup includes the essentials that make up your core routine, such as shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray, and a leave-in mask. Formulated with reef-safe ingredients including the brand’s proprietary Marine BioRepair Complex (seaweed extract, algae extract, and sea moss), the collection aims to nourish, smooth, and repair strands. Two of the products — the Detangling Tonic Spray and Deep Treatment Repair Mask — also protect hair from the environmental elements you’re exposed to at the beach, like UV rays, pollution, and heat.

“I was spending so much time in the water, and I was being so careful about using reef-safe SPF, but why didn’t I care about all of the stuff I was putting in my hair?,” Kuhn muses on the formulas. “I wanted to set the standard to reef-safe ingredients in hair care.”

But even if you don’t live near the water or have access to a pool, Kuhn intended for these products to be beneficial for anyone who experiences dryness, frizz, or damage from heat styling and the like.

Ebb Ocean Club is available to purchase from its website as of May 15. The products range from $21 for the detangling spray to $26 for the treatment mask.

Get further acquainted with Ebb Ocean Club’s initial product lineup, below.

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