Immaculate Complexion

by The Zoe Report

The bane of our existence, nothing ruins a look faster than a blemish—and after an endless string of holiday festivities, our skin isn’t doing us any favors. Never ones to surrender to a challenged complexion, we’re pulling out Kate Somerville’s 24-Hour Pimple Punisher and taking our clogged pores to task!

An insanely effective miracle wand, this cutting-edge cure banishes unsightly flaws around the clock. With a dual applicator and two treatments fortified with blemish-blasting tea tree extract, salicylic acid and green kaolin clay, Kate Somerville’s newest face savior is a show-no-mercy spot treatment. Fighting a not-so-fetching flare-up? Give your skin some tough love and get flawless in a flash!

Availability: Kate Somerville 24-Hour Pimple Punisher ($28). For additional information, visit Katesomerville.com.