Spray Put

by The Zoe Report

‘Tis the season to get all dolled up! And, thanks to a recent Team Zoe trip to Blushington—LA’s newest beauty lounge—we have our eyes on Julie Hewett’s Floral Waters, two cutting-edge products you won’t want to hit up a holiday bash without.

Formulated to refresh and tone, these amazing spray-on saviors instantly revive snoozy skin and set foundation at a moment’s notice! Available in rose water and cucumber formulas, you won’t be able to resist collecting both of these divinely scented mists. Whether your moisture-zapped visage needs a pre-party boost or a post-soireé pick-me-up, beat the winter blues with a fresh-faced spritz!

Availability: Julie Hewett Floral Water ($24 each). For additional information, visit Juliehewett.net.