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Clean Beauty Favorite Ilia Launched A Setting Spray With Skin Care Benefits

Spritz your way to blue light protection.

Courtesy of Ilia
Bottles of Ilia's new Blue Light Mist.

Combatting the effects of blue light has become all the rage in skin care. For good reason, too. How many hours per day do you spend in front of a computer, phone screen, tablet, so on, so forth? (No judgement zone, promise.) If you’re like everyone else, that number isn’t small. Combine that with newer research pointing to possible negative effects of blue light on skin, and you’ll see why a product like Ilia’s new Blue Light Mist couldn’t have launched at a better moment.

Whereas other blue light skin care products are often formulated as moisturizers or serums, Ilia’s $38 Blue Light Mist is, well, a mist, so it can fit into your current routine without disrupting the flow. It can be applied after your skin care routine or throughout the day, answering the need of beauty fans who want to touch up blue light protection like they would refresh their SPF.

The clean-focused beauty brand uses tara extract — aka Caesalpinia spinosa fruit pod extract — as its key ingredient, with Ilia’s product description noting that it “neutralizes free radicals and helps protect skin from blue light.” (The protection against free radicals also makes it a prime anti-pollution product.)

Courtesy of Ilia

You’ll get added benefits if you apply over makeup, too, since it can be used to set your face for the day. According to Ilia’s website, waiting one minute after applying three sprays across your entire face will give your makeup light hold, while doubling that will offer medium makeup hold.

However, this doesn’t mean that the formula doesn’t fit into the rest of Ilia’s clean beauty repertoire: the Blue Light Mist is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, silicone-free, and made without synthetic fragrances. Ilia instead uses ingredients such as mastic gum to create a blurred, smooth effect on skin and wrangle in shine throughout the day, so your makeup or skin will look fresher each time you spray it on.

Pick up the new mist online as of March 30, or grab a bottle in-store starting April 9.

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