How To Rock A Purple Pout

Here at TZR HQ, we’re always game to test out (and conquer) a daring beauty trend when we see one, which is why we’re looking to three violet-hued lipsticks from YSL as our makeup muse du jour. A seemingly tricky color to tamper with, the mauve-minded movement is anything but, and actually turns out pretty perfect when worn correctly.

Plucked straight from YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture lipstick collection, which features shades inspired by the classic color palette of reds, orange and fuchsia used by Saint Laurent himself, these richly hued picks also manage to lock in moisture and maintain their lush, violet tone for hours on end——unreal.

To style a striking orchid shade appropriately, start off by creating a gorgeous, matte complexion (lose blush, bronzers, eyeshadows, or any competing colors that will distract from a bold lip). Additionally, lend a dramatic feel to the eyes sans liner with black mascara and a brow definer. Top off the look with wide eyes and a seriously seductive gaze by way of an eyelash curler. Voilà——purple pout perfection!

Availability: Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Luminous Red, Luminous Pink and Luminous Mauve ($34 each).

ParallelUniversePurple LipstickLime Crime, $18

Headed to dinner with your girlfriends? Style a popping pucker with a sexy evening outfit:

Crop Top

Pencil Skirt

Ankle Booties

Hot Pink Polish