The Dirty Truth About Washing Your Face

Something as simple as washing your face seems easy enough to do, but how much do you really know about the process and how to do it correctly? It’s important to have all the facts about how to maintain a clean and clear complexion. From the correct water temperature to the best tools of the trade, we have the dos and don’ts of washing your pretty mug the right way. You’ll may be shocked by how much you’ve likely been doing wrong. When we’re done with you, your scrubbed face will be so bright and shiny, you’ll look like you’ve never had a day of stress in your life.

Your Cleansing Questions Answered

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Where Should I Start?

Although it sounds like an obvious step, pulling your hair back and out of your face allows you to wash all the way up to the hairline, which is where makeup residue tends to build up.

What's The Best Way To Remove Eye Makeup?

Because the eye area has such thin and delicate skin, it’s important to never rub. Instead, soak a cotton pad with eye-makeup remover and pat it onto the eye to dissolve product before gently washing your face.

Should I Use Hot Water?

It’s all about finding the sweet spot for you when it comes to water temperature. While hot water can help open pores, it also strips the natural oils off your face, leaving it dry and dull looking. Opt for a lukewarm wash and end with a 30-second rinse of cool water to boost circulation.

Are Cleaning Devices Better?

Using a cleansing device is great for exfoliating and boosting circulation. While it is one of the best investments you can make for your complexion, using it every day can strip the skin, leaving it dry and flakey (especially if you already use acidic products). Instead, take a day or 2 break in between uses to allow cell reproduction to happen naturally.

How Do I Get A Really Deep Clean?

Perfect for a wide variety of skin types, oil-based cleansers remove dirt, melt makeup and battle surface oil (yes, they remove oil) while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance.

How Do I Exfoliate Daily Without Hurting My Skin?

Daily exfoliation is essential to healthy skin and regular cell turnover but first things first–throw away your harsh, gritty exfoliating scrubs. Instead, use a washcloth and a cleanser to get a deep clean without damaging the top layers of your skin.