How To Pack 3 Vacation Looks In 1 Makeup Bag

Ever feel like packing your vacation beauty essentials is far more difficult than it should be? Let’s be honest, do you really need to lug around 5 lipsticks for a 3-day weekend? We’re guilty of it too but this Memorial Day weekend, we’re going in with a plan. Here, these 3 makeup looks are perfect for every activity on your vacation agenda and all can be done without packing more than 9 products. This just goes to show that less really is more.

Here's What You Need This Weekend

For: A Day By The Pool

Lounging poolside shouldn't require a ton of makeup. Apply an SPF primer on your face and blend a concealer on problem areas to make your skin look flawless. A bronze colored eye shadow, along with a few swipes of waterproof mascara, paired with a wash of color on the cheeks and some faux freckles are all you need to look and feel effortless–as you should.

What To Pack

For: A Day Of Sightseeing

Apply the same primer and concealer under a veil of foundation. Blend a dark brown shadow in the crease of your eyes and add a coat of mascara. For a day of exploring, why not try a bold lip? Make it last longer by setting it with a translucent powder.

What To Pack

For: A Night On The Town

Use your primer, concealer and foundation to create a flawless complexion. Blend dark copper and burgundy eye shadows on the lids to make your eyes pop. Add a swipe of brown liner on the lower lash line and apply multiple coats of mascara. Finish the look with a mattifying powder and a nude pink lip color.

What To Pack