How To Master Fake Eyelashes

Let’s be honest, fuller, longer eyelashes instantly make you look prettier. But who has the time—not to mention the skill—to apply fake lashes every day? We’ve got a secret: It’s actually a snap once you’ve got the technique down. We asked founder and president of Noir Lash Lounge, Joyce Poon, to give us her advice on everything from how to choose the right lashes to dealing with the glue. Once you’ve mastered her simple steps, you won’t even mind waking up 5 minutes earlier to make this a part of your daily beauty routine. Of course, if anyone asks what’s different about you, just say “beauty sleep” and leave it at that. A girl has to have her secrets.

Foolproof Lashes

Follow these tips for flawless (and fabulous) lashes.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Step 1: Experiment With A Few Styles

The best way to find your go-to lashes (without having a scary Halloween moment) is to try 3-4 styles. Most lashes already have a semi-sticky strip that allows you to try on the lashes for length and thickness before moving forward with the glue.

Step 2: Get The Right Tools

Since handling glue can be panic inducing, try using a toothpick to transfer it to the lashes. That also helps control how much you put on. Next, use an angled tweezer to place the flutter on your eye. If you have super-straight lashes, curl them before you start so they match the bend of the falsies.

Step 3: Build Volume Slowly

Ease into the world of lashes with singles or flares. Build from the outside corners in, making sure to space each lash evenly and not go too thick.

Step 4: Go Natural With Makeup

Let your lashes do the talking! Add just a touch of mascara to blend your real lashes with the faux ones. Finish with a bit of shimmery shadow on the lower lid to make your eyes really pop.