Kristen Stewart's Makeup Artist Just Made It Easy To Copy Her Best Concealer Trick

Meet “spot basing.”

Kristen Stewart makeup

If you’ve ever felt like you needed to apply a full face of foundation just because you have a couple of pesky breakouts, you’re not alone, but you’re also in luck — celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has just released an innovative new concealer that implements her celebrity-approved “spot basing” technique that focuses on spot concealing rather than all-over coverage. Dempsey, who paints famous faces such as Kristen Stewart’s, began spot basing as a way to address acne, redness, sun spots, and other discoloration without relying on foundation, which can feel heavy as well as look less natural.

“It's easier, faster, and fresher than a face of foundation,” Demsey tells TZR of the technique she’s been using for years. “It's a more youthful and modern approach to cover up. It's the anti-foundation. If you don't need it, why would you spend time covering it? It makes you look older!”

On Feb. 7, the makeup artist released her Spot Stick Concealer, in 13 shades to make spot basing easy for anyone who wants to give it a try. Specifically designed to be the size of a “spot”, this creamy, blendable concealer delivers high coverage only to where it is needed and packs a punch — only a small amount of product is needed to instantly conceal discoloration. The Spot Stick is also intended to be easily taken on the go — it fits right into your pocket or purse and it dries matte, so no setting powder is needed. Even better, it’s infused with skin-loving ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, so it works to nourish as it conceals.


Using the Spot Stick is simpler than most concealers. “Target the areas in need and swipe or press the Spot Stick directly on the area and use a clean finger to dab and blend it out until it covers the spot or, use a clean finger and warm it up on the spot stick and gently tap over the blemish until it is nicely blended,” Dempsey explains. “For those with dry or mature skin, if you want to use this concealer around your eyes, first apply moisturizer as a base.”

Because the Spot Stick is meant to replace foundation, Dempsey suggests choosing a shade that matches your skin tone, rather than going a shade or two lighter like you would for traditional concealer. “You should match your skin tone,” she says. “If your preference is to look a bit brighter, you can go a little paler, but best to not go darker.”

Shop the Spot Stick below and prepare to give your foundations the silent treatment.

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