Happy Birthday, Diana Ross!


Diana Ross is our go-to muse when it comes to ultra-glam hair. In celebration of her birthday, we’re showing off her untouchable style that gives us major hair envy. We’ve got our favorite images of Diana, dressed to the nines, rocking some of the best hair in history along with the products you need recreate her timeless look.

Happy Birthday, Diana Ross!

Diana Ross in Los Angeles in 1975. Photo: Getty Images

Amazing Volume

Diana's voluminous hair became the quintessential disco look and is a coif we're still obsessed with replicating.

Diana Ross in 1971. Photo: Getty Images

Amazing Volume

If you have fine hair use mousse and volumizing conditioner to give a boost. If your hair has natural volume, use lightweight hairspray to help control the shape and moisturizing cream to avoid breakage when styling.

Full Thickening Mousse


Living Proof

Volume Conditioner



Truly Natural Hair Defining Curls Styling Custard


Pantene Pro-V

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray



Seriously Shiny

Whether you're rocking curls or a stick-straight style, your hair will always look best with a natural shine.

Diana in London in 1973. Photo: Getty Images

Seriously Shiny

Adding cream or serum to damp hair will add shine and soften your hair while it's drying. If you find your hair is damaged, be sure to use conditioners with essential oils and don't shampoo everday.

Let It Shine On


Bumble and Bumble

Mirrorcurls Shine Serum



Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner



All Natural Nourish & Shine


Jane Carter Solution

Silky Smooth

When she was with The Supremes, Diana's smooth bob was her signature look and became the iconic style of the era.

Diana Ross in 1968. Photo: Getty Images

Silky Smooth

If you're using a flat iron to straighten your hair, be sure to protect each section with thermal spray which will create an important barrier between your hair and the heat.

Drop Dead Straightening Baume


Philip B

Caviar Blowout Creme



Thermal Creations Heat Tammer Spray



Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer



Lasting Curls

Long wavy curls was a go-to of Diana's and is still a timeless look that exudes glamour.

Diana in 1975. Photo: Corbis

Lasting Curls

If you have natural curls, use cream to help style and give direction to your waves. If you're creating curls with rollers or a curling iron, add a touch of finishing spray before you apply the heat to help lock in the shape.

Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo



Does It All Styling Spray


Bumble and Bumble

Baby Buttercreme


Miss Jessie's

Bounce Back Curl Cream


Kimble Beauty