Hanahana Beauty’s Just-Launched Skin Care Product Is Already A Go-To In My Routine

Perfect for my oily combination skin

Hanahana Beauty
Hanahana Beauty Skin Nutrition Face Mask

Face masks have always been an arbitrary skin care product for me — mainly showing up for self care Sundays or the occasional girls night but never becoming a staple in my routine due to my temperamental skin. I’ve been hard pressed to find a face mask that actually addresses my skin care issues which include, but are certainly not limited to, acne, congested pores, and uneven skin tone. Nonetheless, I’ve been hopeful that I’d eventually find a mask that is as effective as it is fun to wear and aesthetically pleasing for Instagram skin care selfies. Enter Hanahana Beauty’s latest and first skin care offering: the Skin Nutrition face mask.

The popular body care brand is acclaimed for their ultra moisturizing body butters made from all natural ingredients with the star being organic shea butter sourced from founder Abena Boahmah’s native Ghana. After captivating the beauty masses with its ethically sourced, sustainable, and down right effective body care offerings, the brand is venturing into skin care territory starting with a purifying clay mask. With only five ingredients, the mask is a clean beauty lover’s dream. Star ingredient Kaolin clay draws out toxins from the skin and clears out excess oil (music to my oily combination skin’s ears) while willowbark and spirulina promote even skin tone and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.

My skin is known to freak out at even the hint of a new addition to my skin care routine, but nonetheless I persisted and tested out the Skin Nutrition face mask with hopes of finally having a mask I can use on a more routine basis.

Hanahana Beauty

While I’m no stranger to clay masks (the infamous Aztec Healing Clay Mask has made a few rounds in my routine), the fine texture of Skin Nutrition’s pink powder was a pleasant surprise. I mean, who doesn’t love skin care that also looks pretty. Along with the dainty pink color, the mask has a pleasant herbal scent (likely from the anti-inflammatory hibiscus) that intensifies as you add water and mix to create a paste.

The most satisfying surprise I encountered while actually wearing the mask is that I didn’t feel it drying out my skin as it hardened. Some clay masks have a tendency to dry with a tingling, tightening sensation that can make it difficult to move your face. Such was not the case with Skin Nutrition. The claim to elevate moisture levels in the skin proved true even after I rinsed the mask off. After 15 minutes, I was left with soft-feeling skin and no squeaky clean tightness.

Annie Blay

The true test for whether this mask would find a home among my other skin care staples was it’s ability to decongest my pores and treat the appearance of my acne — safe to say, it delivered. Only a day after using the mask I noticed less congestion on the pores on my cheeks, closest to my nose, and reduced redness and texture of the minor breakout that has been brewing on my forehead.

After the second use, my forehead acne significantly lessened in appearance, all without leaving any dark spots. While the packaging doesn’t specify how often to use the mask, the cadence of two to three times a week (or every other day) feels just right for my regimen.

The OG Aztec healing clay mask has been collecting dust on my shelf for some time now, and thanks to the Hanahana Beauty face mask it seems it will continue to do so. The highlight of this mask is that it provides all the benefits of a clay mask without the pulling of moisture from my skin as clay masks tend to do.

While I don’t think this mask will be my holy grail for clinically treating acne (two percent salicylic acid and Tretinoin still hold the top spots in that category), it definitely is my new go-to for when my skin just needs a little extra TLC to smooth out texture and give the illusion that my pores aren't huge. Plus, it’s simple formulation puts my mind at ease about exactly what I’m putting on my sensitive skin, not to mention it’s perfect for aesthetically pleasing Instagram self care content. I’m already counting down the days until the next time I use it.