Kendall Jenner’s Topknot Is Perfect for Short-Haired Girls Everywhere

Kendall Jenner recently brought her formerly mid-riff grazing hair to new lengths with a much shorter cut. Earlier this week, the model reached out to family-friend and hair guru Jen Atkin to chop off even more inches. Now, Kendall’s freshly cut lob rests just below her jawline—a huge difference from her former look.

A lot of us like to think that short-haired girls have limited styling options, but Kendall’s latest ‘do proves otherwise. On Wednesday, Kendall was spotted in San Diego with her family celebrating Grandma MJ’s birthday. We couldn’t help but notice that even with her super short cut, she managed to pull off a full topknot. Naturally, we were dying to learn how this style was possible without hair extensions or a hairpiece.

Her hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, shared his topknot styling secrets with Teen Vogue . To get started, all you’ll really need is some hairspray. Then pull your hair into a high ponytail. “Once you have strands that have fallen and aren’t fitting into the hair tie, backcomb them a little,” he explains, referring to the shorter hair at the nape of the neck. “Nothing too hard, just tease it at the root a little with a paddle brush or comb. Then, spray your hands with hairspray, like Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz, and mold the remaining hair upward, pinning it in place. It will stay all day,” he promised.

And there you have it! If you’ve ever doubted styling your short hair into a topknot, give Andrew’s tips a test drive.