Pro Tips For The Thickest Hair Of Your Life


For those who aren’t blessed with naturally thick hair, the wrong cut can lead to limp-looking locks. While products like volumizing powder can certainly help fake fullness, some of us require expert shaping to get that bounce. And once you’ve secured the right chop, what about maintenance and styling? Fear not, we’ve tapped celebrity stylist Juan Carlos Maciques from Rita Hazan New York (he’s known for his achingly modern sensibility) for his guide to achieving gorgeously voluminous tresses every day, for every hair type. Take notes!


The Thick Of It


For Fine Hair

"Stay away from heavy layering. In fact, layers need to be on the very long side to avoid a straggly look. It's about compromising height for a weighted bottom. Another option is a blunt cut to mimic thickness. Keeping hair short is ideal with this texture as it tends to stop growing evenly past a certain length."

Pro Styling Tip

"Start with a volumizing mousse for thickness, and blow-dry upside down for height."

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For Normal Hair

"Incorporate some layers for body and movement—longer layers in the back and shorter in front, from the chin down. The overall length should fall at the collarbone."

Pro Styling Tip

"Use a spray volumizer at the roots to add height as you blow-dry, or mist a salt spray before drying for a textured finish."

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For Damaged Hair

"Overly processed hair typically loses elasticity, frays at the ends and won't comply with styling, no matter what you do. Consequently, it needs a good cut to look healthy and thick. That usually isn't what a client wants to hear, but baby steps are necessary, meaning frequent visits to achieve your ideal cut. A guideline is to cut about half an inch every six weeks. This type of hair craves major hydration, so weekly masks are in order, as well as leave-in conditioners to help nourish and treat."

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Bumble and Bumble

Pro Styling Tip

"Keep heat styling to a minimum to avoid further damage. Aim to air-dry, working with your hair's natural texture. Less work for you and less damage."


For Natural Hair

"Abundant layering provides lots of movement and adds width to the face while maintaining fullness at the bottom of the hair. Begin layers at your cheekbone and downward toward the ends. A bit more layering can be added to the back, and the front and back can be blended together."

Pro Styling Tip

"A wave-enhancing product is a nice styling aid. It brings forth that natural texture while controlling frizz. Either air-dry or diffuse. Moisture is key, especially in the summer—make sure you invest in a hydrating conditioner. Co-washing with a cleansing conditioner is a great option to pare down your routine and avoid unnecessary stripping from harsh shampoos. To combat humidity-induced frizziness, finish your style with a lightweight oil."

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