How To Deal With Gray Hair (If You Want To)

by Stephanie Montes

Aging brings with it a wealth of experience and wisdom and love. It also inevitably brings gray hair. And while we can’t wish away the years or their most telling features (not that we’d ever want to), we can work with some of the peskier effects that don’t make us feel like our best self. Ahead, the tricks to hiding your grays, no matter how many you have.

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Gray Area

Why dye your entire head if you just have a single gray strand that keeps popping up? Instead, grab a black or brown mascara from your makeup bag and darken that piece. Think of it as a spot treatment, especially since we don't condone plucking.

If you're not majorly gray, you can camouflage those strands with a variety of highlights. High and low shades in your color will make grays blend in, even if you're not great at upkeep.

If you know you get more grays in your center part, try switching to a side part or vice versa. It's a temporary fix, but it helps, especially when your hair grows quickly or you can't keep up with regular appointments.

If you find yourself between appointments and the part in your hair is a different shade from the rest of your color, reach for a temporary root touch-up product. We love this easy-to-use stick and spray, but you can also opt for a dark eye shadow in a pinch.

When all else fails, why not welcome the change and try a trendy new color. Silver hair is modern and fashionable, not to mention completely low maintenance. Set up an appointment with your stylist to find a gray that complements your skin tone.