This Hair Color Trend Is About To Blow Up On Instagram

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, Instagram is the place to find the most popular hair trends and colors. Living in a world obsessed with finding the next big thing has led to some wacky, out-of-the-box hair colors gaining popularity, and while we’re a bit skeptical about adding unconventional colors to our strands, a new trend is on the rise that’s much more wearable than the rest.

LA-based colorist Cherin Choi told Refinery 29 that geode hair is the latest color trend to look out for. A geode is the purple, crystal-laden cavity found in rocks. The iridescent hair color comes from a shade of sparkling amethyst, separating it from the now-common rainbow trends. Geode hair only consists of one or two jewel-toned shades, and according to Cherin, your hair doesn’t even need to be bleached from the roots for the colors to process. The final look is a much more subtle take on many of the hair trends we’ve seen as of late, doesn’t involve a stressful grow-out process and just simply looks pretty. See the look below.

Photo: Instagram/@majormoonn

Photo: Pinterest