The Genius Hack For Air-Dried Hair In Winter

by Stephanie Montes

Nailing air-dried, French-girl hair in summer is, for want of a better word, a breeze. But as we make our way into colder months, walking out of the house in freezing temperatures with wet hair is usually followed by a self-inflicted cold—and let’s face it, whipping out the blow-dryer just makes it frizzy. Luckily at a recent blowout session at the Benjamin salon in West Hollywood we experienced a game-changing hack destined to deliver effortless locks for the winter months. Benjamin attached a blow-dryer sock to diffuse the air flow and create an even heat distribution—basically, we got the heat without the air blowing our hair around and creating unwanted frizz, which often happens with a regular diffuser. Genius! The result: A mane that is undone-yet-shiny without frizziness or…a cold.

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