This Sold-Out Accessory Is A Game Changer For Curly Haired Girls


If there's one thing all curly haired girls can relate to it's that wearing hats is a lot more tedious than it is fun. While the hair accessory is helpful in that it can complement an outfit and/or make a workout session more feasible for your strands, it can also completely flatten them. Well, thanks to Beyoncé and her Ivy Park athleisure line, wearing hats just became a whole lot easier for the girls with the curls.

Courtesy of Topshop

As part of her new collection, Bey debuted a backless baseball cap that allows your curls to breathe (as displayed in the photo above). The wiggle room allows you to style your curls in your favorite ponytail or bun without flattening your the hair all the way down to the neckline. Unfortunately, the cap garnered the attention of so many curly haired ladies that it's sold out on both Ivy Park's and Topshop's websites. However, you can enter your email address here to be alerted on a restock. The red, velvet backless cap retails for $35.